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    We are no ordinary lawyers. The law challenges us, and THAT makes our days filled with purpose. We create power with words by arranging them in the most persuasive manner. We listen to our clients and empower them by putting their stories into those words. We research to find the most relevant authorities to support our clients' positions. At the end of the day, we go to bed satisfied knowing the stack of paper on the desk is ready to be filed. We present clients with multiple options, explain the differences between them, and find the best solution as if we were our own clients. Our families are the most loyal fans of our work. It is our responsibility to make sure that we are worthy of their pride. If you think we are the right kind of lawyers for you or your business, call us and confirm!

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    Liyue Huang-Sigle


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    Shuang Leng


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    Family Law

    Divorce-Related Issues

    April 14, 2018 at 10:30 a.m.

    May 5, 2018 at 10:30 a.m.


    Estate Planning

    Wills & Probate

    May 12, 2018 at 10:30 a.m.


    Estate Planning 


    June 16, 2018 at 10:30 a.m.



    Naturalization and Asylum

    June 23, 2018 at 10:30 a.m.


    Business Planning

    Choice of Entity Issues

    Dates: to be determined


    Retirement Planning

    Topic: to be determined

    Dates: to be determined

  • Our Insights

    Divorce takes time, from months to years (in worst scenario). When one of the parties finally puts his/her foot down and visits an attorney, the question that follows “I want a divorce” normally is: what can we do now to protect my children and assets? Let’s look at this scenario: A and B are a...
    As an attorney, when it comes to the topic of divorce, the most common questions I face are: How are the properties divided? Who gets custody of the children? This article discusses property division only, we will devote another article for child custody. Not all property owned by the divorcing...
    The doctrine of substantial compliance is an equitable doctrine that excuses contractual deviations or deficiencies which do not severely impair the purpose underlying the contractual provision. Texas law recognizes this doctrine with contractual notice provisions, which means a party’s failure...
    Case Summary: Dresser-Rand Global Services, Inc. (Dresser-Rand) contracted Kiewit Offshore Services, Ltd. (“Kiewit”) to engineer, design, and fabricate two 1220 ton litoral compression modules (the “Modules”). The project was scheduled to be completed on February 12, 2014, which was later...
    Business,Contract,Energy Law
    This is a case first decided by a jury. The trial lasted for three months. Jury’s decision was then overturned by the Appellate Court, which was then overturned by the Texas Supreme Court. One can see how contentious the issues are. The petitioner is Zachry Construction, who contracted with the...
    Business,Contract,Energy Law
    On March 8, 2016, Judge Shelley Chapman of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York issued an opinion allowing a bankrupt debtor, Sabine Oil & Gas, to reject service agreements entered into with two midstream pipeline providers. What does this mean? Well, it means...
    While we often speak of oil and gas as if they are inseparable Siamese twins, Amarillo Oil Company would tell you that it could not be further from the truth. Oil and gas are not only separable, they are in fact often separated. Armarillo is the owner of the gas right on a parcel of land....
    What is a condition precedent? There are two types of condition precedents – condition precedents to the formation of a contract and condition precedents to an obligation to perform an existing agreement. The article focuses on the second type of condition precedents. Conditions precedent to an...
    Formosa contracted with Kajima to expand its polypropylene plant. Kajima is an industrial construction company. This project involved piping and equipment setting under multiple contracts, each of which specified a schedule of performance. The contracts however permits delay at Kajima’s own...
    There are three major ways to resolve international contract dispute: mediation, litigation in national courts, and international arbitration. Today, international arbitration is the primary way that international energy disputes are resolved. What led to such a phenomenon is the universal (or...
  • Testimonials

    I‘ve been to H&L Attorney's seminar (one is family law; the second is trust and will) two times so far. It's been great learning experience for me. They are very knowledgable and very patient to answer my questions, explain the term with examples and clear my doubt. It's a big help when applying it to my daily life. I highly recommend them! - Zhuo G.


    My name is Noyes Livingston, and I have been a Houston resident for more than twenty years. Unfortunately, after seventeen years of a destructive marriage, I needed the services of a knowledgeable lawyer to represent me with a contentious divorce. Shuang Leng was highly recommended and from the minute we met, I was instantly impressed with her professionalism, sincerity, attention to detail and most importantly, explaining the process in terms that I could understand. She was extremely patient with my questions and provided information as soon as it became available. More importantly, she was ferocious in representing my interest and the decree judgment was as good as I could have hoped for in a very stressful life event. I am incredibly grateful for all that the Huang-Sigle & Leng Law Firm has done for me, and I not only highly recommend them, I will utilize their expertise for my future business transactions. - Noyes Livingston, US Army Logistics Officer, High School Math Teacher and Coach, M. Ed Education Administration.


    I am the general manager for Unidoor Series LLC. Our company is located in Sugar Creek, Missouri. There are plenty of local attorneys available, but we follow H&L. H&L attorneys are always quick to respond, willing to see matters from clients’ perspective, and go extra miles to provide not only legal but also practical business solutions to various problems. H&L attorneys are eloquent, professional, and simply the best! – Christina Yang

    I have known Attorney Huang for many years and always wanted an opportunity to say thank you. Attorney Huang is highly involved in our policy making; advise and represent us in contractual disputes, employment relationships, and immigration matters. I ask her to handle my personal matters as well. I am completely satisfied with the quality and efficiency of their work. I recommend H&L attorneys! – Robin Liu, owner of Affordable Home Products LLC


    Attorney Huang has been working on our immigration case to bring my Stepson from China to America. She is bilingual (big help for my wife), professional and very knowledgeable, and has provided guidance every step of the journey. It is great having her and her team in our corner. Thanks. – Changhong and Jim Bell


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